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Award-winning design and functionality.

For more than 40 years, Barazza has been at the cutting-edge of kitchen design. Highly qualified staff and exceptionally flexible production allows the Barazza team to follow the entire product manufacturing process in-house. Design development, laser cutting, pressing and welding, all quality checks and even special shipping packaging are internally designed and managed.


Barazza uses only AISI 304 stainless steel, with its high chrome and nickel content. The AISI 304 has outstanding anti-corrosion resistance, and has no equal when it comes too hygiene and durability. It is also completely recyclable, which is in line with our commitment to environmental sustainability.


Barazza’s artisans have you in mind. Working with the best quality steel, they can shape, contour and create a dream worktop that fulfils your aesthetic and functional needs.

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50 Years a Dynamic Mindset

Barazza has a history spanning 50 years and is present in over 50 countries worldwide. All of Barazza’s products are designed and manufactured in Santa Lucia di Piave, Italy. Barazza is not just a brand of household appliances, it is made up of a family of entrepreneurs who, for generations, have manufactured bespoke appliances with cutting-edge design, innovation and energy saving functions.