Perth Selection Gallery

The Abey point of difference

Located in a popular home renovation area, our Osborne Park Selection Gallery is our largest in Australia. Each of our Collections have been given a space to showcase how a total look can be achieved through their individual designs.

The substantial spaces designs are put together in beautiful settings. With one of the largest Kitchen offers available, we have utilised the space to showcase our immense diversity and ranges. With Stainless Steel, Ceramic and Granite sinks on offer, there is a sink on display to suit all requirements. The range features product in both inset and undermount applications with all the functionality a kitchen needs. Our brands include European Made Schock, Chambord and Barazza as well as our own and popular Abey ranges.

The compliment your sink, we have a range of kitchen tapware available. With an abundance of finishes and popular brands including Armando Vicario, GESSI, Schock and Gareth Ashton, we can help find the perfect Kitchen tap to work perfectly with your sink.

The Bathroom Collections on display are also extensive. Our GESSI Collection is depicted in elegant bathroom-like settings. The range features the newest designs direct from Europe including Inciso and Rilievo. For those who like the traditional look, our Provincial Collection provides an array of tapware, showers, toilets, basins, baths and accessories.

Taking pride of place in the showroom is Abey’s Gareth Ashton Collection. Utilising all of our experience, this range has every fixture you need for your bathroom. Designs include Poco, Stile, Park Avenue, Madison Avenue and Lucia. Each has its own unique look and finishes to choose from.

To assist you further in our Selection Gallery is our team of experienced staff. We can guide and provide valuable information to make your selection a breeze.

Curating your space should be personal

We understand the time that needs to be taken to make your space uniquely yours. Our Selection Galleries will work with you from design conception right through to ensuring the specifications and technical requirements of your project will work within your space. We understand the time it takes to select your product so our showrooms provide a sanctuary where you can work through your options and provide guidance.

A wealth of expertise at your disposal

To help bring your project to life, each Selection Gallery has a team of consultants on hand to assist with your design selection. We provide expert advice, specifications and recommendations. Whether you’re a first time renovator, designer or architect, Abey is here to help.