Melbourne Selection Gallery

Melbourne – Albert Park

The Melbourne Selection Gallery was brought to life by award-winning architecture and interior design company ROTHELOWMAN. Elements of the original architectural history fabric have been beautifully combined with modern design in an extraordinary fusion of past, present and future.

Upstairs, our renowned Kitchen Sink, Kitchen Tapware & Laundry Collections are exhibited. With one of the largest ranges displayed, there is a design and price-point for all projects.

Setout over two floors, each display has been professionally designed for each of our Collections to show how they can blend into your space. The bathroom section on the first floor showcases a working shower display which blends into a wall of greenery. Our exclusive GESSI Bathroom Collections are designed and manufactured in Italy with the latest designs and technology. The complete look Gareth Ashton Collections are inspired by international designs with tapware, basins, baths, showers & accessories in various finishes and shapes.

Our Schock, Chambord, Barazza and Abey Sinks are all displayed with tapware the works with each unit as well as in the latest modern finishes. Our experienced Selection Gallery Team, are available to assist with design, specification and technical questions. Let us help you bring your project to life.

Curating your space should be personal

We understand the time that needs to be taken to make your space uniquely yours. Our Selection Galleries will work with you from design conception right through to ensuring the specifications and technical requirements of your project will work within your space. We understand the time it takes to select your product so our showrooms provide a sanctuary where you can work through your options and provide guidance.

A wealth of expertise at your disposal

To help bring your project to life, each Selection Gallery has a team of consultants on hand to assist with your design selection. We provide expert advice, specifications and recommendations. Whether you’re a first time renovator, designer or architect, Abey is here to help.