The first step of the galvanic process ensures the tapware componentry is cleaned to remove all the grease, dirt and dust from the surface. This is done by a process of degreasing. Firstly it is done by hand, then in an automatize chain at 80° C as well as 50°C and then with sodium in room temperature. This process takes 20 to 25 minutes.

Second step is applying of a layer of Nickel. This allows the final layer of finishing to be completely attached to the components and it also avoids the risk of oxidation of the surface.

In our finishing process we use Nickel PWP, which releases less nickel than the standard one. The result is components with better quality and the tapware treated with this process won’t release any toxic substances when water flows into it. The thickness of the nickel layer has an average of 15 micron. This step requires 24 minutes.

The components are now washed again then sent to the final bath for plating. The plating process gives a hard finish surface which passes a standard salt spray test to ensure there isn’t any oxidation.

Galvanic is available in the following colours