7 ways to design & organise the ultimate laundry

In your average renovation, refreshing or reorganising the laundry rarely gets the attention it needs. But the thing is, a well-designed laundry can make your life (and your chores) so much easier. 

To help you give your laundry the attention it deserves, we’ve come up with 7 ways to design and organise the ultimate laundry.

1. Carry designs through

If you’ve already spent money with an interior designer, or time making a decision on your kitchen design then you don’t need to do it all again for your laundry. In most cases carrying your design through to your laundry with a few small modifications, will do the trick. 

If you’re planning to do this it’s handy to know that most of Abey’s kitchen range are also perfectly suited to laundries. 

2. Save space with a stacker 

Laundries are generally small spaces so it’s very important to make efficient use of that space. One way to do this is to simply stack your washer and dryer.

Note: you can’t just pop your washer on top of your dryer, you need a laundry stacking solution to fix them to the wall). 

3. Include a pull out ironing board

Again, with space at such a premium, why not install the stuff you use regularly, like your ironing board, so that you can simply pull it right out when you need it – and stow it safely away when you don’t?

4. Illuminate your benchtops

In compact spaces it’s the small details that make all the difference. One feature that we love is an illuminated benchtop, which makes seeing stains in clothes and working in the laundry much easier. To do this simply install LED spotlights underneath the high cabinetry or in the ceiling. 

5. Choose quality fittings

Just like in your kitchen the fittings you choose in your laundry matter. With that said, it’s always worth choosing a quality Australian name that you can trust, with an extensive range. Like Abey, for example!

6. Consider a clothes hanger

Do you ever dry clothes in your laundry? Instead of folding out an old, rusty clothes horse, install a clothes hanger bar underneath your cabinetry or a ceiling mounted clothes hanger. These alternatives look great and take up minimal space. 

7. Install your laundry hampers

Having your bin installed in a pullout draw in your kitchen makes cleaning up so much easier. So does installing laundry hampers in your laundry. We recommend installing a few so that you can split your clothes into whites, colours and delicates. 

See solutions in person

Before you install anything in your laundry it’s a great idea to see it in person. To do that simply head to your nearest Abey selection gallery and one of our experts will help you view and choose the perfect fittings and fixtures for your laundry renovation. 

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