Design tips for modernising your bathroom

Modern bathroom

The bathroom is a great place to kick off home renovations and modernisation projects. Not only does the small size of these spaces make them easy to renovate, a brand new bathroom can have a positive impact on your property’s resale price. 

If you’re looking to give your bathroom a facelift, check out our tips below – we’ll look at everything from patterns to taps and mixers to get you inspired.

Modern bathroom design tips

1. Go Scandi

Scandi design, short for Scandinavian design, is a school of aesthetics that emphasises simplicity, clean lines and natural tones. While Scandi design can be used all over, there are a number of ways to incorporate its core tenets when modernising your bathroom. These include:

  • Tiles: tiled walls are a popular choice among those looking to modernise their bathrooms. The simplicity helps your bathroom become a calm and relaxing space, and it’s also easy to keep the surface looking clean and spotless.
  • A white palette: this is particularly easy in your bathroom, as there are plenty of options for sophisticated features, such as freestanding baths,  lending your bathroom an air of cleanliness and elegance.
  • Plants: while you want a modern bathroom to feel pristine, you don’t want it to feel sterile and lifeless. Bringing in one or two pieces of greenery will give the space that touch of life.

2. Let the light in

If you flick through a home design magazine one factor that remains constant across all  bathroom design is the emphasis on natural light. While, of course, you need a bathroom to be private, it also risks becoming dingy if you don’t let the sun shine.

There are a number of ways to boost the amount of natural light in your bathroom. Perhaps the most obvious is by installing large windows, but this is often easier said than done. If this isn’t an option for you, an alternative is to be clever with your use of bathroom mirrors. By placing mirrors opposite your windows you can bounce natural light around your space, making the whole room feel brighter and airy.

3. Update your accessories

They may seem like minor details, but the visual impact of a great bathroom modernisation project can be instantly undone by a decision to keep an old shower curtain, bathroom rug or shower rail. We know it can be tempting, once you’ve made the big changes like switching up the layout and appliances in your bathroom, to put your feet up and call it a job well done, but be sure to go the extra mile and really complete the project by getting these  smaller touches  right.

In some cases, it can be helpful to step away from the project for a day or so, and then come back with fresh eyes to seek out any hangovers from your previous bathroom design that may have slipped through the cracks.

Modernising your bathroom can give your space a whole new lease on life, as well as improving the overall value of your home. If you’re looking for some bathroom inspiration stop by your local Abey selection gallery – or for tips on bringing your design to life and get in touch with the experienced team at Abey Australia today.

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