Different Types of Bathroom Basins

Bathroom sink and tap

Bathroom basins have evolved in Australia. No longer is a vitreous china inset basin the only option. There are now a variety of shapes, sizes, applications and finishes to choose from. 

What are the top things to consider when purchasing a basin?

  1. The first thought when deciding on what basin to purchase is to consider what you are using the bathroom basin for. This will determine the size and depth you will need. For instance, if it is only to be used for washing your hands or brushing teeth, a smaller size is all you need. If you need it for washing your hair or shaving, a larger and deeper basin will be best. 
  1. You also need to consider what tapware you want to use. If you are looking at three-piece tapware, you will need to consider a basin that has tap holes. For those wanting to mount tapware to a bench, a countertop basin might be a better option.
  1. The material is also an important aspect. Vitreous China is the traditional material that we stock in our Gareth Ashton range, but you can also choose a ClearStone or Natural Stone material (which also matches with our baths). Our GESSI basins come in a variety of modern materials from Gres in the Goccia range right through to Cristalplant in the Eleganza Collection.

Before purchasing a bathroom basin, it is also important to check with your cabinet maker. Your cabinet maker will need to take this into consideration when designing your vanity to ensure it allows for the appropriate plumbing and storage. 

What are the different types of Basins?

Inset Basins

Inset basins are the most traditional bathroom basin. They sit into the bench so the rim can be seen around them. Inset basins usually come with a tapholes which makes it easy to mount these to the basin. In our Gareth Ashton basin collection, the Park Avenue Inset basin is the perfect option. It comes in a modern square design in both a one or three tap hole option. 

Above Counter Basins

These types of basins sit like a salad bowl above the benchtop. Tapware then needs to be mounted from the wall on from the bench itself. They are modern and allow for plenty of space in your cabinetry as the basin doesn’t take up any space. We offer a comprehensive range of countertop bathroom basins for stainless steel, vitreous china and stone options. These are also available in square, oval and round configurations. 

Undermount Basins

This basin options involves the basin being installed under the bench. This makes it easier to wipe messes directly into the bowl and offers the added advantage of more counter space. However, consideration needs to be given to the cabinet that will house the basin to ensure there is enough storage space. Our Gareth Ashton and GESSI Collections have undermount options in oval and square shapes that are easy to install and are aesthetically beautiful. 

Wall Mounted Basins

A wall mounted basin is one that hangs off a wall. This is a popular option especially for powder rooms or bathrooms where storage isn’t a priority. These bathroom basins usually come with tap holes to make tapware installation easy. Our Burlington Basin Collection is a wall basin with a stand that allows for towels and accessories to be stored. It is also available in a variety of sizes and tap hole configurations. 

For all of your basin options, your local Abey Selection Gallery can assist if finding the perfect one for your design as well as the tapware that will work with it.

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