Hamptons Bathroom Style Guide

Hampton Style Bathroom

Located in New York state, the Hamptons has always been seen as a luxury escape for New York city residents and is widely popular with many celebrities. This hamptons lifestyle of a beautiful oceanside getaway has now started to find its way into interior design. One of the most well known areas for this Hampton style is located in the bathroom.

What is a Hampton Style Bathroom?

Like many other styles such as the rustic, modern and french provincial the Hampton bathroom has its own unique layout and design. Aiming to represent a more bright and open coastal concept, Hampton bathrooms typically utilise light and neutral tones throughout mixing wooden panels  with the elegance of marble (or the more budget friendly stone look porcelain).

The layout of these bathrooms typically vary depending on budget and space with many of the more high-end Hampton Bathrooms incorporating both a freestanding bath and walk-in shower. The vanity mirror or mirrors, are usually complemented with lighting support on either side which offer a warm light around one or two twin sinks. 

How to Achieve a Hampton Bathroom Look?

To achieve the Hampton Bathroom look you will also need to ensure that all the products and fixtures you utilise fit in well with the overall theme. When looking at some of the main fixtures in the bathroom there are some particular materials and designs you can keep an eye out for to help integrate the overall Hampton look.


The showers are typically larger cubicles or walk-ins and the use of tiling is commonplace with these fixtures. Most commonly these tiles are either chosen with a design that compliments the colour scheme of the space with a light grey or a stone look. Baths on the other hand can vary with both freestanding baths and alcoves baths being the most popular options, while the white colour of the freestanding bath helps to reflect light into the space and add to the coastal visage. 


Typically a wooden design with an accompanying stone or marble countertop this vanity usually follows a similar colour pattern to the other areas of the bathroom with white the usual choice. The vanity is usually designed to help maximise storage in the bathroom and can take the installation options of either floating or flush to the floor depending on individual preference. As touched on previously, a bathroom mirror with accompanying lighting is usually included, but the shape of the mirror can vary.  


Tapware in the Hampton Bathroom employs a few different colour options with most designs being quite subtle to compliment the rest of the vanity. Typically tapware colours vary around black, chrome and brushed options (nickel, brass etc). One of the hallmarks of Hampton Bathrooms is also matching the colours to other areas of the bathroom. For instance if the lights around the mirror are on chrome stands then a chrome tap is usually employed or equally if other amenities such as towel holders are black then black is also usually utilised in the bathroom basin and bath/shower. 
When choosing the ideal design for your Hamptons bathroom be sure to visit one of Abey’s selection galleries and explore the wide range of different fixtures and amenities available today.

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