Design Guide: How to achieve a Scandi look in your kitchen

Scandi design kitchen

The minimalist, yet stylish aesthetic that is Scandi(navian) kitchen design has been popular for years now, and is showing no signs of retreating.

The Scandi look emphasises functionality, clean lines and simplicity without sacrificing beauty, making it perfect for kitchens. These are spaces where we spend a lot of our time – cooking, cleaning.

Crucially, creating the perfect Scandi kitchen is as much about the little things, think kitchen taps, for instance, as the overall design concept. So, with this in mind, we’ve pulled together our tips for how to Scandify your kitchen.

How to design a Scandi kitchen

1. Choose white appliances

One of the core features of Scandi design that lends itself particularly well to kitchens is that this aesthetic emphasises white as its predominant colour. This is easy to achieve in kitchens thanks to, you guessed it, whiteware.. However, you can, of course, introduce white (or other light colours) into kitchen features like your cabinets, tables, chairs and walls.

In some limited instances, you might want to shy away from the colour white. For example, if your stove top backs directly onto a wall, white might not be the ideal wall paint as it can be difficult to keep clean. If you’re going to do this, try and stick with neutral shades and natural tones, as these will fit with the rest of your design.

2. Emphasise clean lines

By clean lines, we mean edges that are uninterrupted – think a row of kitchen cabinets with  identical dimensions so that no single unit is higher or deeper than those surrounding it. As well as big pieces like ovens, cabinets and fridges, you can also visualise clean lines in features like kitchen mixers. Abey Australia has a range of mixers that more than tick the boxes when it comes to Scandi design, such as the Armando Vicario ISA Pull Out Kitchen Mixer which combines straight, clean lines with style and functionality.

Similarly, kitchen sinks can be a great way to subtly include some more styled edges in your kitchen. Schock makes some of the best kitchen sinks for Scandi kitchens, such as the Schock Typos Double Bowl – thanks to units with incredibly crisp lines that are available in white, they’ll fit effortlessly into your kitchen’s  aesthetic.

3. Make it sociable

As part of its emphasis on functionality, Scandi design seeks to create spaces that people can enjoy together. In a kitchen, this could be something as simple as purchasing bar stools to place around your kitchen island so that the family or guests can socialise before sitting down to dinner.

4. Bring the outside in

A celebration of nature is another of the core tenets of Scandi design, and there are a few ways you can achieve this in your kitchen:

  • Natural light: in Australia, we’re blessed with a lot of sunshine hours, so make the most of this in your kitchen. Big windows and minimalistic window dressings are two ways in which you can flood your kitchen space with natural light.
  • Greenery: houseplants are popular features of many rooms, and there’s no reason not to extend this trend to your kitchen. A few well placed decorative plants can really lift the mood in your kitchen and help connect it to nature.
  • Fruit bowls: there’s nothing more in tune with the rustic Scandi feel than a ceramic fruit bowl as a centrepiece for your kitchen island or dining table. Plus, in true Scandi style, it’s also highly functional when you feel like a healthy snack.

We’re hoping these ideas have shown you the potential your kitchen has when it comes to Scandi design. For more ideas on kitchen features to best fit your Scandi masterpiece, get in touch with the experienced team at Abey Australia today.

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