How to maximise a small bathroom space

How to maximise a small bathroom space

Bathrooms punch above their weight when it comes to the overall function and feel of a home and are often a key factor in a property’s value.

But what if your bathroom is lacking in size? A small bathroom doesn’t need to be a negative. You just need to get creative with fixtures like showers, bathroom tapware and sinks, and the way you decorate.

Here are our top tips for maximising a small bathroom to help you get the most out of your space.

How to make your small bathroom feel big

Focus on fittings

It stands to reason that, in a smaller space, you seek out small bathroom sinks, toilets, bathroom mixers and other essentials. Importantly, just because you’re downsizing these features doesn’t mean you need to downgrade their quality. Abey Australia stocks premium bathroom fixtures that are perfect for smaller size bathrooms, meaning you can still create the chic look you’re after, while taking into account the smaller space you’re working with.

A few specifics to look for when shopping for fittings for a small bathroom include:

  • Short projection toilets: as the name suggests, these are designed to have a reduced projection from the wall when compared with units, saving you space in doing so.
  • Frameless showers: as well as reducing how much space the shower takes up, these units have a super clean and modern feel to them.
  • Concertina or bifold shower doors: instead of a standard shower door, which will need room to open and close. Concertina or bifold doors are much more economical on space.

As well as the size of the fittings themselves, also think about placement. Corners are often wasted space, so look at toilets, showers and bathroom sinks that are specifically designed to fit into corners, saving you space elsewhere in your bathroom.

 Be smart with storage

When space is at a premium, the last thing you want is clutter making your bathroom feel even smaller. 

Where possible, try to combine bathroom sinks with storage cupboards by using vanity units as a way to save on floor space. Alternatively, wall-mounted cupboards will have the same result. There is a wide range of narrow, but surprisingly spacious wall-mounted bathroom cupboards specifically designed for small bathrooms. Not only is this a functional option, when fitted with mirrors, wall-mounted cupboards can help spaces feel bigger by giving an illusion of depth. 
More than one mirror is a good idea for small shared bathrooms. Having multiple mirrors will mean you don’t have two people trying to work around each other in a limited space every morning before work or school.

Don’t forget the door

Similar to the shower door, bathroom doors can be big problems in small bathrooms, as the arc of the door’s swing will have knock-on effects for where you can place features like showers, toilets and bathroom basins. Sliding doors are a good way to solve this problem, and work particularly well in modern homes with their clean lines.

Consider your colour scheme

The colour palette you choose to paint your bathroom will have a huge impact on how spacious, or otherwise, it feels.

Generally, light bright colours such as white or airy blue or green tones can help to create an expansive feeling, while deeper colours such as purple or red can have an oppressive effect that make rooms feel smaller than they are.

If you’re going for a tiled bathroom, your tile choices will also impact the way it feels. Fewer, larger tiles are better than lots of small tiles, as the latter can lend your bathroom a cluttered aesthetic which, generally will make its smaller size more obvious. Again, lighter shaded tiles are preferable for creating a sense of spaciousness.

Abey has over 60 years of helping Australians design bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. To find out more about the products we stock and how we can help, get in touch with our team today.

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