What to consider when it comes to your shower reno

The most important part of any bathroom renovation or build is the shower. Why? If you love a long, luxurious shower that’s where you’ll get most of your enjoyment from your bathroom. That’s why it’s worth taking a little extra time to consider your choice. 

Think about what’s right for your space

First consider whether you want a glass wall or a full tiled wall. Glass is harder to clean but it costs less and may be better for smaller bathrooms as it doesn’t cut off the shower space. 

Your showerhead and shower should also fit your bathroom. In other words, if you’ve got a tiny bathroom and a compact shower a huge, luxurious rain showerhead may not be the right choice. If your shower is over a bath you’ll have to think about whether you want two separate mixers or one that controls both the showerhead and bath spout. 

This simple round shower arm by Gareth Ashton is perfect for smaller showers. But if you’re wanting all-out luxury, why not go for a rain shower that seamlessly integrates into your ceiling like the Gessi Total Wellness

Consider design

Speaking of what’s right for your space, your shower and showerhead should suit your bathroom’s design as well. It’s a great idea to use the same tiles throughout your bathroom, including your shower, and if you’re using a shower box instead of a tiled space – you can match your fittings to the rest of your bathroom. 

For example, if you’re going for classic elegance the Eleganza range might be perfect for you. These showerheads and bathroom fittings feature timeless design in gorgeous polished chrome. 

Check out showerhead performance

Another thing you should consider when buying a showerhead is its performance, or in other words, how much water it uses. To do this simply take a look at the showerhead’s Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) rating. This rating out of six will tell you roughly how water efficient your showerhead is – more stars means it’s more water efficient and vice versa. 

WELS ratings can be tricky with showerheads for one reason. Everyone knows a good shower has high pressure and a heavy flow – but high pressure goes hand in hand with high water use. With that in mind, a three star rating is good for a shower and four is excellent. If you go with a zero that’s fine too, just keep in mind your water bill could be higher than expected!

Look at features

Showerheads these days have countless features. There are different spray types, from massage settings, to spray and high pressure. There are handheld showers, rain showers and shower/bath mixer combos. 

If you want something simple and minimalist, the Rilievo is one attractive option. Or for something a bit more feature driven you could go for the Gareth Ashton curve rail and hand shower ensemble.

See designer showerheads in person 

The best way to make a decision on any bathroom fitting, including your showerhead, is to see your options in person. Drop in to your nearest Abey Selection Gallery to see your options up close and speak to an expert about what might suit your bathroom.

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