Photo of Oriano Favaretto

Oriano was born on 25 April 1956 in Silea (Treviso, Italy) in the Veneto countryside. Rural and visionary, looking for new emotions in poetry but with a touch of irony to survive, balancing between form and substance. He attended the Academy of Fine Arts where he had the opportunity to get to know and to engage with Emilio Vedova, a prestigious maestro of the language of gestures and signs.

Another important experience that left an indelible mark was the collaboration with Ennio Chiggio whose apprentice and collaborator Oriano became.

Among his major professional achievements have been an award in the Competition amongst the Italian Academies, the 1982 Lubiam Prize and the painting experience gained at the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation.

Oriano Favaretto has taken part in important international exhibitions including Events in Milan with Zuccheri and Oira, the travelling exhibition Flowers of Metaphor with Plessi and D’Orazio and the Murano prize in 1987 and 1992.

Selection in the frescoes competition for Sacca Fisola Venice. The Golden Lamp award of S.I.L. of Paris in 1993 was especially significant. In 1997 Marie Claire magazine awarded the Prix d’Excellence to his Polipò that then became the lamp of the year.

He has carried out important collaborations with many leading companies in industrial design such as Boss, Artemide, itre, De Majo, Venini, Linea Light, Viabizzuno, Icosmic bagni, Regia, Evaluz, Moretti Andrea, Vistosi, etc.

His art works are on display at the Museum of Glass in Murano and in many private collections.