Barazza Lab Evolution Cooktop

Barazza Gas Cooktop

Based in Santa Lucia di Piave near Treviso in Northern Italy, Barazza has worked with high quality kitchen appliances for over 40 years. From humble beginnings, Barazza has continued to build on their success through their high focus on quality control, utilising the very best stainless steel along with high quality machinery and equipment. Today Barazza’s success is highlighted by the fact that they operate in over 50 countries worldwide and are a brand synonymous with the household appliance culture.

Barazza has always looked to lead with an entrepreneurial spirit. The company has continued to develop revolutionary household appliances to match with the ever changing market trends and expectations of consumers. One area that has been of particular interest to many is their range of cooktops, such as their Lab Evolution cooktops, which highlight the perfect combination of high end quality and elegance. These cooktops allow for the user to be creative in their cooking space and are the perfect option for those looking to implement a modern and sleek design to their kitchen.

Lab Evolution Cooktop Range

Barazza Lab Evolution cooktops offer a wealth of different benefits, their Flat Eco-Design burners produce a vertical flame offering greater efficiency, reduced energy consumption, less heat loss and uniform cooking. While the design of the hob boasts a iconic and geometrical look that allows for excellent pan support, as well as high performance and unbeatable efficiency.

Barazza labevo Lab Evolution 3 Burner Hob Kitchen Appliances

Lab Evolution 3 Burner Hob

Made of extra thick stainless steel AISI 304, the Lab Evolution 3 Burner Hob utilises 2 gas burners and one flat eco-design burner. The whole design is complimented with Barazza’s soft-touch cast iron pan supports which are not only pleasant to touch, but are highly durable and dishwasher safe. While the flat minimal knobs allow for easy use, providing the perfect cooktop option for individuals looking to buy their first cooktop or update their current kitchen stovetop.

Barazza labevo Lab Evolution 4 Burner Hob Kitchen Appliances

Lab Evolution 4 Burner Hob

The Lab Evolution 4 Burner Hob offers a larger option for individuals who have a more open kitchen space. The straight line arrangement provides improved ergonomics, making it easier to handle pans during cooking. Ultimately providing the advantage of users being able to easily cook multiple dishes at once. Similar to the Evolution 3 Burner Hob, the Evolution 4 Hob is also made with the same high quality steel and utilises the same cast iron supports.

A Lab Evolution Barazza cooktop is able to seamlessly integrate into a variety of different kitchen types. This ability to blend in provides individuals with the freedom of creating a highly functional space that encompasses all the aesthetic and functional benefits that the stovetops provide. All of Barazza’s cooktops also come with a 5 year warranty meaning that buyers can be certain they are buying an appliance that is built to last. To find out more about the Barazza Lab Evolution cooktops, visit one of Abey’s selection galleries today.

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