Double Bowl vs Single Bowl Sinks

Abey Australia sources the largest range of kitchen sinks from around the world. Our comprehensive range includes quality European brands such as Barazza, Schock and Chambord, as well as our very own Abey kitchen sink collection. Amongst our collections, we have a diverse collection of both double bowl and single bowl sinks. Let us take you through the benefits of each of these designs.

Double Bowl Sinks

Like its name implies, a double bowl sink consists of two bowls. These two bowls can be the same size or slightly larger or smaller depending upon the design. Double bowl sinks can come with or without a drain tray. Within all our kitchen sink collection designs there is a double bowl option.

Double bowls allow you to wash in one bowl and rinse in the other. They are perfect for homes that don’t have a dishwasher. A double bowl sink with a drain tray also a handy addition to optimise space. 

Double bowl sinks allow you to separate dishes. For those wanting to separate heavy pots with delicate glass and China dishes this is a perfect option. With the right sink accessory, you can also use the additional bowl as a colander or chopping board.

One of the draw backs of a double bowl sink is that you need plenty of cupboard and bench space. As the bowls will protrude into the cabinet underneath, it is important to plan accordingly to ensure you have enough cupboard space for this option as well as the rest of your kitchen. It is not the ideal sink type for those with a smaller kitchen.

Double bowl sinks can also be more expensive to purchase than single bowls. More materials are needed to manufacture due to their larger size as well as more components are needed like an additional plug and waste and drain work.

Single Bowls

A single bowl sink can come with or without a drainer. They can be more compact than a double bowl so they can be easily inserted in a small kitchen design and are also perfect for a butler’s pantry. 

The choice of single bowl sinks is endless! They are available in deep or shallow bowls, large or smaller sizes, can be mounted inset or undermount and as mentioned with or without a drainer. For the larger bowls, there is also the option of purchasing functional accessories such as drain trays, chopping boards and colanders that work perfectly with your chosen sink. 

Although they are cheaper than double bowl sinks, they also lack some of the functionality that a double bowl can provide. As there is only one bowl, you can’t separate dishes. In addition, if you choose one without a drain tray, you need to airdry dishes on your counter which ends up taking up much needed space. Ultimately, the decision on whether to choose a double bowl or single bowl sink will depend on your kitchen design and size as well as your personal preference. Whatever one you choose, Abey Australia has an option available. To see our kitchen sink range in person, call into one of our Abey Selection Galleries.

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