Farmhouse Sink Guide

Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse sinks are perfect for creating a rustic look in your kitchen. They are a must for a country or Hampton inspired design. Abey’s collection of farmhouse sinks come from our Chambord branded collection.

Abey’s Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Collections

Chambord is a Kitchen Sink Manufacturer rich in French heritage. Since 1896 it has been designing beautifully crafted French Provincial fireclay kitchen sinks from its factory in Europe. It uses the same techniques and precision etched into its history. Each sink is manufactured from the finest clay raw materials and is hand finished to perfection.

The Chambord sinks include CLOTAIRE, HENRI, LEGRANDE and LOUIS. Each has its own style and aesthetic. The CLOTAIRE is the simplistic model. It is sleek but elegant with smooth lines. It is also available in a single bowl or double bowl option. The double bowl option can be drilled to have a tap hole inserted into it which will allow for extra bench space behind the sink. New to our CLOTAIRE Collection is the Bowl and a Half option. This has a large ledge at the back of the sink for mounting tapware.

The HENRI sink Collection has an intricate pattern at the front of the sink. It is available in either a single or double bowl option. The large bowl depth of 220mm makes it an ideal choice for washing large pots and pans.

The newest sink to the Chambord is the LEGRANDE. LEGRANDE is unique in that you can mount it on either side as it is reversible. One sink is smooth and the other side is scalloped. Available in both a single or double bowl option, the sinks all come with a customer fitted bottom grid as well as a sliding cutting board.

LOUIS is our most intricate Chambord Sink. This sink has a classic scallop front design which adds to the French Provincial charm. Available in three sizes, the bowls are generous and come in a 220mm depth.

Farmhouse Sink Materials

Chambord sinks are all manufactured using Fireclay. So, why Fireclay? Fireclay sinks are easy to clean. They are insensitive to temperature and effortlessly hygienic. Fireclay is beautiful to touch and, if treated correctly, will last the test of time. 

Due to their weight, it is best to mount these sinks onto an apron style cabinet that allows for plenty of support underneath. Semi-recessing them into the cabinet is also a popular option as it allows for plenty of space behind the sink and sets off the shape of the sink in your cabinetry. We recommend speaking to a cabinet maker or kitchen designer to ensure you plan well during the design process.

Matching Farmhouse Kitchen Mixers

For a matching kitchen mixer, our Abey Armando Vicario Provincial Collection is the perfect match. These taps are available in pull out options which makes it easy to clean a deep Chambord sink.

To see the complete Chambord Farmhouse Sinks, call into your local Abey Selection Gallery or contact one of our Customer Service Professionals on 1800 809 143.

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