Stainless Steel Tapware and Showers

Alfresco living is now part of the Australian lifestyle. Most new homes incorporate an Alfresco design into their living space as a standard feature. For those renovating, an Alfresco area has proven to add value to your home. Traditionally an Alfresco area include an outdoor kitchen area. Today, this has extended to include an outdoor bathroom area. 

An Alfresco area would not be complete without Bathroom Tapware and Showers that can stand the elements. Abey has created a range of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Tapware and Showers that are functional as well as inspirational. The range is manufactured by its Gareth Ashton Collection which offers a complete look for an outdoor bathroom.

Marine Grade stainless Steel 316, due to the presence of molybdenum, is considerably more resistant to corrosive environments than the standard 304 stainless steel you will find in many indoor tapware and showers. Marine Grade 316 is appropriate and suitable for sea water environments, coastal and marine applications. Because of its greater resistance to oxidation, it is the only choice for an Alfresco Bathroom area.

The Gareth Ashton Alfresco Bathroom range features a modern collection of Tapware and Showers. The Tapware range consists of a High Basin Mixer and Wall Spout. The choice of Outdoor Showers is endless with the traditional overhead and vertical showers as well as a two hand shower set. These showers can be easily mounted to a wall for easy access. For those wanting a freestanding shower, the Gareth Ashton Arch Rail Shower incorporates both a hand shower and an overhead shower in its design. To ensure the showers are easy to turn on, there is also a 316 Shower Mixer to compliment the range.

The Alfresco Bathroom products are new and are available now to purchase. All been Watermarked and tested to ensure they meet Australian guidelines and water saving technology.
To assist you with your selection, Abey Australia has a Selection Gallery in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth where you can view these options as well as our complete range.

If you’re looking for more bathroom tap options, check out our bronze bath taps and brushed brass bathroom taps.

Stainless Steel Tapware and Showers

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