How To Choose The Best Bathroom Tap?

bathroom with black tapware

Most of us only renovate our bathrooms every 15 years, so it is important to choose the right bathroom tap that will function the way you need it to. There are quite a variety of tapware options in the marketplace, so consideration needs to be given to not only the aesthetics of a bathroom tap but also how it will work for you and your family. At Abey Australia, we pride ourselves on our variety and quality of bathroom tapware. Let us take you through the options on how to choose the best bathroom tap. 

Two Taps vs One

As a tap is going to be used every day, it is important that the feel of the tap is to your liking. The number and type of handles is an important factor here. This also tends to be one of personal preference. Two taps with the hot and cold tap separately or a one tap mixer are the two main options. Two taps allow you to regulate the temperature and water flow better. A bathroom mixer is more convenient and can be operated with just one hand. 

Tap Handles:

The handles on your bathroom tap can also vary. For those wanting a minimalistic look a pin-lever handle like what is seen in our Poco, Poco K and Lucia tapware collections is both easy to use but is also a popular aesthetic. A paddle style handle like on our Vela, Park Avenue and Madison tapware collections are wide and create an indulgent look.

Tap Finishes:

Bathroom taps now come in a variety of finishes. The finish can set the scene for your overall bathroom design. For some though it is also a factor to consider when it comes to ease of cleaning. We have a variety of finishes on offer that vary from traditional chrome right through to popular brass and black bathroom taps. For those worried about cleaning, brushed metals taps tend to mask fingerprints and soap stains. For those wanting a more modern look, the popularity of a white bathroom with brass taps should be considered.

Who is using your bathroom tap?

Who is going to be using your bathroom tapware is an important consideration. If you have small children, a sensor bathroom tap, like our Gareth Ashton Sensor Basin Mixer 5B2-S is a perfect option. As water activates with the presence of your hands, children do not need to turn on taps to operate it. This tap is also perfect for commercial premises to stop cross-contamination. For those who need assistive care, Abey has a care basin mixer with an extended handle (MixMaster MB2-D) that makes it easy to operate.

To ensure they meet Australian Standards, each of our tapware has been tested and given a WELS Rating. The higher the number of stars on your bathroom tapware, the more efficient they are. Abey has some of the most water efficient ranges. Our GESSI collection in particular has many basin mixer taps with a 5 star rating.

Abey – Winner of the Canstar Blue Award.

Canstar Blue is one of Australia’s most respected consumer review and comparison websites. Each year Canstar Blue awards, throughout all of their categories, businesses whose products have been rated number one in their category. In 2021, Canstar have rated Abey Australia the winner for our Bathroom Tapware and Plumbing Fittings. We have received a five-star rating for durability, design, ease of cleaning and design. The award includes all our Bathroom Tapware and Shower Collection brands including Gareth Ashton, GESSI, GESSI Emporio and Armando Vicario.

Service, Warranty and Support

One of the forgotten aspects to bear in mind is the service, warranty and support the bathroom tapware provider gives. Here at Abey Australia, we have a National Customer Service Centre that can assist with installation, parts and technical questions. We also provide a comprehensive warranty on all of our tapware which can be viewed on our website.

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