How To Upgrade Your Bathroom Faucet


When it comes to bathroom taps there are a few different options available when looking to undertake an upgrade. This guide will explore some of the options available, as well as key things to look out for when upgrading your bathroom faucet.

Updating The Bathroom Tap

Upgrading a bathroom faucet is a relatively simple procedure which usually involves simply purchasing a more preferred or functional model. Depending on what bathroom mixer taps and sinks you currently have, removal and reinstalling can be tricky, especially if a full renovation is being undertaken. If you are looking to undertake the update yourself then there are a few things to keep in mind:

Things to keep in mind when changing your bathroom faucet:

  1. Ensure all the water mains are turned off before removing and installing the new bathroom tap.
  2. Be prepared with tools such as a screwdriver, allen key and wrench as bathroom taps vary when it comes to how they are secured.
  3. When removing the old bathroom tap from under the sink, be sure to have a bucket and towel ready for any excessive water.
  4. Be sure to clean the bathroom basin area once the old mixer tap is removed before the new one is installed to avoid any potential leaks around the sink.

Key Watch-Outs

When choosing the right bathroom tap there are a couple of considerations to take into account, mainly around functionality and look. Firstly it is important to think of who will be using the bathroom. For instance, bathroom mixers as opposed to faucets with individual taps can take up less space and are easier to use for people with poor mobility (e.g elderly and young children). Equally you also want to ensure the tap is large enough to compliment and work well with the size of the sink so that any messes can be easily cleaned.

While many of the bathroom tap designs are usually able to compliment multiple looks and themes, the design and finish can play an overall impact on your bathroom’s aesthetic. To be safe it is always recommended to go with a finish that works with multiple themes. For example, chrome is one of the most common materials used for bathroom sinks and can work perfectly with lighter colours in a modern or coastal bathroom and equally help to offset heavy use of timber in a more rustic bathroom.

When looking to upgrade your bathroom faucet be sure to explore a variety of different options before making a decision. There are many high quality bathroom suppliers in Australia that can usually also provide a bathroom sink and tap combo to allow for the perfect layout in the space. Finally, when looking to install the tap and handles it is recommended to go through a professional, however there are many DIY guides available online. Good luck with upgrading your bathroom faucet!

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