Review: Round vs Rectangle Bathroom Basins

Round Bathroom Basin

Choosing the right bathroom sink can be a difficult decision and there are a variety of factors to consider such as space, bathroom theme, budget and usability. The two most popular bathroom basins are usually a round or rectangular option. Both offer a host of different benefits and detractors and can be used in a wide array of different bathroom styles. Let’s explore both of these bathroom basin types in a bit more detail.

Round Bathroom Basins

Usually linked with a more traditional look, round bathroom basins have been a staple in many Australian households. The sinks themselves are usually smaller in size compared to their rectangular counterparts and are usually showcased in a vessel sink or as part of a pedestal sink. When it comes to materials, round bathroom basins are most commonly made of ceramic (adding to their more rustic look), but there have also been granite, copper and even glass options.


  • Easy to clean
    • Due to the design of these basins it is very easy to keep them clean especially as there are no edges for dirt or grime to become lodged in.
  • Subtle/Minimalistic Design
    • Smooth lines and no edges allows for this sink to easily blend in with a variety of different environments.


  • Smaller Surface Area
    • Generally these sinks have a smaller surface area which can make it difficult for multiple users.
  • Difficult Access For Younger Children
    • As these sinks are usually top mounted with high sides (to minimise splashback) usability can be tricky for children. 
  • Not ideal for large bathrooms
    • The generally smaller sizes of these sinks means that they aren’t ideal for large bathrooms and can look out of place in the overall design.

Rectangle Bathroom Basins

Rectangular bathroom basins are widely utilised in many modern bathroom setups, offering generally larger options to suit individual requirements. When it comes to mounting there are a few options with a rectangular bathroom sink as either a top mount, undermount or even as a vessel or pedestal sink. Whereas with the materials available, ceramic or stone are usually the most popular.


  • Large Surface Area
    • With the shape of the sinks there is generally a larger surface area which makes it easier to use for multiple people.
  • Ideal For Large Bathrooms
    • Size of rectangular shaped sinks makes them work well in larger bathroom areas.


  • Harder to clean
    • Grime and dirt can get stuck in some of the edges of the sink, ultimately making it more difficult to clean.
  • Not ideal for smaller bathrooms
    • A large rectangular sink can look quite out of place in a smaller bathroom and can take up large amounts of space.

As bathroom basins are the most functional fixture in any bathroom, always make sure that the sink fits your household’s needs. Finally, always make sure you choose a bathroom sink (regardless of shape) from a reputable supplier such as Abey to ensure the best shaped sink to fit your bathroom space.

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