Top Small Laundry Renovation Tips


When it comes to renovating a small laundry there are a number of options to consider. Let’s explore some choices to maximise laundry usability and achieve a pleasing overall aesthetic for your laundry space.

What are our top small laundry renovation tips?

Laundry Layout

When renovating any area of the house the first thing to consider is layout. This not only means the space available, but the ergonomics of the design to ensure easy usage and movement throughout the room. When looking at design from an ergonomic standpoint it is important to note the key tasks you’ll be undertaking in the laundry. Everyone will of course look to clean clothes, but do you have an area to dry them? Does your laundry share space with any other room in the house? Will you be cleaning pets there too? All of these questions need to be answered before choosing where everything will go in the room. Layout can then be set up to minimise any excessive movement and help streamline getting tasks done.

Space is crucial when it comes to the layout. When organising your laundry be sure to determine where appliances and fixtures can be used to minimise wasted space, such as a hidden drop in laundry sink. These types of sinks can be covered when not in use (maximising bench space) while also serving their main function of washing pets or delicate items of clothing.

Appliance and Fixture Choices

Appliance choice will also be dictated by the space available and your individual needs. Apartments for instance are notorious for small space and therefore many of their laundry areas are simply european laundries with a washer, dryer and little to no benchtop or storage. Or if you are living in a climate where the temperature is usually quite hot then a dryer may be a luxury option that isn’t needed. 

Fixtures on the other hand, like sinks, laundry hampers, cabinetry etc will be determined by what you have outside your laundry. Laundry hampers can be stored in bedrooms or cabinetry may not be needed as there is plenty of other storage available elsewhere. Figure out what you have outside the laundry space, and work out what you really need in the room itself.

Minimising Wasted Space

Especially in small laundry areas, minimising wasted space is crucial. While there are many options available to achieve this, below are some common options:

  1. Vertical sliding organiser – Fits seamlessly between machines and ensures that no empty space is left unused. Perfect for storing any cleaning products, detergents or other laundry items.
  2. Hanging baskets behind the door – The laundry door is very rarely utilised and hanging baskets provide a great alternative to cabinetry.
  3. Pull down Ironing boards and drying racks – Following the idea of the murphy bed both of these options can be tucked away against the wall when not in use and extended when needed. 
  4. Alternative fixture styles – Look to utilise fixtures with unique styles such as a single laundry sink which can fit right up against a wall and take up minimal horizontal bench space.

Laundry Aesthetics

Using the right aesthetic colours and design can give your laundry room a more spacious feeling (even if it’s small). Some top tips for this:

  1. Natural light and lighter colours reflect the light and make the room appear brighter and more vibrant. 
  2. Vertical or horizontal design allows for a viewer’s eye line to easily follow a specific direction and this can help to make a space look less compact.
  3. Mirrors help to reflect light and can trick the eye into viewing a room as being larger than it is.
  4. Slimline fittings, laundry mixers and taps help minimise space and balance out the small room.
  5. Hidden appliances such as laundry sinks or hampers can help show the laundry as more minimal, despite all the hidden fixtures.

When renovating your small laundry ask yourself two main questions; 1. What do I need in this space? And 2. How can I accommodate these needs? Unfortunately we cannot help you with the “what” but we can definitely help with the “how”. Visit one of Abey’s selection galleries today and view our range of laundry products on offer for your next renovation project!

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