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Abey’s range of laundry sinks are specifically designed to provide exceptional durability, quality and contemporary style to compliment any laundry space. There are a host of designer laundry sink brands available including the well known Schock sinks, Chambord sinks and of course, Abey’s very own collection. 

These collections provide a wide range of different design options for laundry rooms, varying in materials, shapes and mounting styles allowing for any individual to find the perfect sink for any laundry room. One sink design that is particularly popular are square laundry sinks, let’s explore some of the usages and design options associated with this type of sink.

Choosing The Right Laundry Sink

Unlike many other products in a household, your laundry sink choice mainly comes down to functionality. Not only ensuring that the sink can handle the jobs required by the user, but that it can also be utilised effectively within the space designated. For instance, installation of a small square sink is highly effective in a hidden laundry room. As hidden laundry rooms are usually utilized in smaller homes such as apartments or units, where children and animals are less likely to be present, these sinks are only needed for basic jobs. The shape allows for it to adapt to the space, whilst also being able to satisfy the individual’s needs. Square sinks can also be provided in a larger or double bowl size, for when greater usage is required such as cleaning clothes, pets or even small children. 

After deciding on the size of the sink, it’s time to decide on the material choice. While material choice plays a large role in sink functionality, it also needs to aesthetically work with the rest of the room. There are two main objectives here, the first is to use a material that blends in with the rest of the rooms design, or alternatively use the sink as a centerpiece in the room. Different materials will also offer different benefits and detractors. For example, a ceramic sink is easy to clean, insensitive to heat and highly hygienic. However, it can be a pricier material and can be potentially broken if not properly taken care of. It is recommended to focus on not only how the sink should look in relation to the rest of the room, but also whether the material is fit for function. 

Abey’s Range of Square Laundry Sinks

Abey Australia has a variety of different square laundry sinks on offer. Such as the LT120 45 Litre Single Bowl or the Chambord Clotaire Small Single Bowl Ceramic. Choosing which square laundry sink fits in with your laundry space will come down to individual needs and aesthetic design. Be sure to explore all sink options to choose the best possible square laundry sink for your home. 

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Chambord chambord-clotaire Chambord Clotaire Small Single Bowl Ceramic Kitchen Sinks

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