Top 10 bathroom essentials for your next renovation

Top 10 bathroom essentials for your next renovation

Are you renovating or planning to in the near future? Then you’ll know better than most that renovations are a massive job, and there’s always hundreds of little things on the to-do list.

While the end-result of high quality renovations are always worth it, organising contractors, buying bathroom fittings and project management is a challenge. Because it’s such a big job it’s easy to forget certain bathroom essentials, which can hold up timelines.

So to help make your life a little easier and keep your project on track we’ve compiled a quick list of ten bathroom essentials to remember – from bathroom mirrors to toilet roll holders.

1. Bathroom Mirror

A stylish, high quality bathroom mirror can tie an entire bathroom together.. You’ll want to ensure that your mirror suits the styling of the rest of your bathroom, the basin in particular, as well as making sure the top of the mirror is above the eyeline of the tallest person who may use it (and below the eyeline of the shortest person).

2. Bathroom Basin

Bathroom basins are obviously an essential for any renovation but how can you be sure you’re choosing the right one? Think about the size of your bathroom and make sure the sink isn’t too small or large and try to choose a style that will suit the rest of your bathroom’s design.

3. Bathroom Mixer

You may need several bathroom mixers for your renovation, including one for your sink, bath and shower. That’s a lot of decisions to make! Check out Abey’s huge range of mixers to get started and remember it’s usually best to match the finishes of all the mixers in your bathroom.

4. Soap Holder

The humble soap holder is an essential but easily forgotten addition to any bathroom renovation. The main things to consider here are whether you want a soap dish or soap dispenser that sits on your bathroom basin or a wall mounted soap dish.

5. Towel Rail

Towel rails are another essential often forgotten when renovating and choosing the wrong one can ruin a bathroom’s look. When selecting yours make sure to measure up the proposed spot and choose a finish that suits your other bathroom fittings. Our personal favourites are the matte black Inciso Towel Rails, which come in 30cm, 45cm and 60cm sizes.

6. Robe Hook

Like to rock around in a bathrobe after your shower? Your bathroom needs a robe hook. The main thing to consider is where in your bathroom the robe hook should go – behind the door or next to your towel rail are two popular options.

7. Toilet Roll Holder

Believe it or not, a chic toilet roll holder can tie together your bathroom renovation and a poor choice can undo it. You’re usually best to go with something elegant and simple like this option from Gareth Ashton.

8. Freestanding Bath

Nothing elevates a bathroom design quite like a freestanding bath. A high quality, designer bath is both a statement design piece and a great way to relax after work or on the weekends.

There are several designs to choose from but we can’t go past the understated appeal of the Pluro Clearstone Gloss Bath.

9. Shower

A shower is the centrepiece of most bathrooms and one of the most important fittings to consider in any renovation. Chances are you’ll use it every day!

But what makes a good shower and how should you choose yours? Consider the type of shower head you want – a rain shower, standard showerhead or a combination of both. Think about the shower’s design and make sure the design is consistent with the rest of your bathroom.

10. Toilet

Choosing a toilet is surprisingly difficult when it comes down to it. With that said, the best way is to simply choose a toilet you like the look of and one that blends in with your bathroom’s design.

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