Types of Kitchen Sinks

stainless steel kitchen sink

Abey’s Kitchen Sink range offers a variety of options to choose from. Each has its own benefits depending on the look, feel and use you require in your kitchen:

What are the types of kitchen sink materials?

Stainless Steel Material Sinks

Abey has a variety of Stainless Steel sink options, including:

  • 304 or 316 grade steel in metallic, brushed or satin finishes.
  • 316 Marine Grade steel is weather resistant and ideal for alfresco settings.
  • PVD ‘Physical Vapor Deposition’ coloured stainless-steel sinks are available in three different colours: Artisan Copper, Eureka Gold and Black Pearl in our
  • Piazza Collection. Shop our full stainless steel kitchen sink range.

Granite Material Sinks

Schock invented the granite sink in 1979 in Germany, where they are still manufactured. Schock sinks are available in 2 different quartz material styles in an attractive range of colour finishes.

  • Cristadur has a unique silky-smooth finish and allows for the waste kits to be accessorised to match tapware choice.
  • Cristalite sinks have a more textured feel to the surface.

Ceramic (Fireclay) Material Sinks

Chambord French Provincial sinks are the perfect kitchen product which is easy to clean, insensitive to temperature and perfectly hygienic. The Philippe range is available in either awhite or black glazed ceramic or granite white or black. Shop our full ceramic kitchen sink range.

What Are Sink Installation Types?

There are three types of installations to consider:

  1. Inset sink options can be used for all countertop options, including laminate. Edge options:
    • Rolled edge, found in more traditional sinks
    • Laser edge, found in more contemporary sinks.
  2. Undermount sink options are ideal for stone countertop options and offer ease of cleaning the benchtop.
  3. Flushmount sink options are ideal for stone countertop options and offer a seamless join between the stone and steel of the sink.

Bowl Depth and Drainer Configuration

Some key considerations include:

  • What size is your oven? Do you need a larger bowl size to fit baking trays in?
  • What is the joinery cabinet? You will need to bowl which fits into this space.
  • What is the depth of the countertop? You will need a bow which fits into this space.

Bowl depths vary depending on design and manufacturing process and range between 125mm to 250mm. Fabricated stainless-steel sinks generally have deeper bowls with a minimum 1mm steel thickness.

Drainer model kitchen sinks have the option of either left or right-hand side which is determined by the dishwasher location, kitchen layout or on consumer preference.

Pressed vs Fabricated Sink Bowls?

The manufacturing process of a pressed bowl sink involves the separate pressing of the bowls and drainers before they are welded together and polished to form a complete product.

Fabricated sinks are more labour intensive/hands-on and involve cutting, folding and welding a single piece of stainless steel into the design of sink required.

What is the Warranty of a Sink?

The warranty of a sink should certainly be a consideration in your purchase of the product; however, it is strongly recommended that your product choice is from a reputable company with a strong emphasis on after-sales and service. Abey has a dedicated after-sales team and stakes the reputation of the business on the quality products that it delivers. Abey sink warranties vary depending on the material of choice. For up to date information on our warranties please visit https://www.abey.com.au/warranty/.

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