Barazza Lab flush and built-in hob 120cm

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In over 50 years of experience, the combination of Barazza and Made in Italy continues to spread values of excellence throughout the world. Each product is the result of advanced levels of processing: cooktops, ovens and sinks find their undisputed distinctive characteristics in the perfection of steel, in the exclusivity of the design and in the precision of performance.

Lab Cooktops are a sophisticated, minimalist and high-tech design. Its flush surfaces create a never-ending surface making cooking easier and safer. The supports are made of cast iron, like those used in professional kitchens and are solid, resistant to heat and long-lasting. Special rubber tips ensure stability and prevent scratches to the cooktop surface. There is no doubt that Lab cooktops are a leader in cutting-edge cooktop design.

Product Features Include:
• Manufactured from AISI 304 Extra Thick Stainless Steel
• Integrated side control panel
Burner Powers
• 1 auxiliary: 4MJ/H
• 1 semi-rapid: 7MJ/H
• 1 rapid: 10MJ/H
• 1 triple ring: 15MJ/H

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