Explore Abey’s Diverse Kitchen Tapware Range – Enhance Your Kitchen Now

Abey Australia has the most diverse and quality kitchen tapware in the Australian market. Our range of kitchen taps have been hand-picked from manufactures globally who lead the world in the design, technology and production techniques.

While appliances and cookware play vital roles in the kitchen, the significance of the kitchen tap should not be underestimated. The right kitchen tap can enhance your cooking experience and add style to your space.

A Kitchen Mixer with a pull out and spray head is essential to enhance your kitchen efficiency. A pull-out kitchen mixer is perfect for those who have a large single bowl sink or more than two bowls. With its extended reach you can fill large pots and clean utensils with precision. Using the pull out is a handy way to not only clean your pans and vegetable or fruit, but it is also practical way of assisting in washing your sink. Abey’s Just Pull Out Mixer is made in Italy and has a handy 2000mm pull-out and easy to use swivel spout. Available in four finishes, it has a classic shape that will work well with any kitchen design.

A quality kitchen mixer can also ensure you get the correct water temperature for your cooking requirements. With easy-to-use kitchen handles, our mixers can easily be manipulated to achieve the desired water temperature. In addition, we also have swivel spouts on all our models. This allows you to quickly move from one sink bowl to another whilst rinsing and preparing your food.

The choices are endless now with a diverse range of finishes on the market for kitchen mixers.  The traditional chrome finish is no longer the only option. Our finishes include Polished Steel, Brushed Steel, Matt Black, White, Brushed Nickel, Bronze, Black Pearl, Artisan Copper and Eureka Gold finish. The Black Pearl, Artisan Copper and Eureka Gold also match perfectly with our Piazza range of sinks. These can match in with any cooking appliance design and décor.

Investing in a good quality kitchen mixer can also contribute to water saving. All our mixers have aerators and flow restrictors and are rigorously tested to ensure they meet Australia’s strict WELS standards. Choosing one of our kitchen mixers not only helps the environment, but also reduces water bills.

To see the full range of our kitchen tapware, call into one of our Abey’s Showrooms. We also have some working tapware displays to assist you in making a selection.

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