Finding the Perfect Water Flow for Your Home with Abey Tapware

The Importance of Choosing the Right Water Flow for Your Kitchen Tap

Finding the right water flow for your kitchen tap is essential for ensuring your tap works efficiently and effectively. Having the appropriate water flow can make a significant difference on how your kitchen tap will work. To make sure you whole kitchen functions correctly, it is important to ensure your water flow is looked at.

There are many strategies to consider when finding the right water flow for your home. Each requires a qualified plumbers assistance to ensure they are best for your premises though.

  1. Low-flow tapware.

Upgrading to low-flow tapware can significantly reduce your water flow without sacrificing performance. Each of Abey’s taps got through rigorous testing to ensure they meet Australia’s strict standards. In fact, each tap is given a WELS rating. This rating is used the measure the efficiency of your tapware so you can make an informed decision. The WELS rating is 0 to 6 stars. The more stars a product has, the more water-efficient it is. The rating considers factors such as the flow rate and water consumption.

Abey has some of the most water efficient tapware products. The GESSI Inedito Pull Out Dual Spray Kitchen Tap (60413) is one of the most efficient taps on the market. Made in Italy, it also comes in four modern finishes to match into your kitchen décor.

  1. Check for Leaks

Leaky tapware and including their fittings and pipework can lead to water flow issues for your kitchen tap. Regular inspections are needed to ensure water flow is optimised and will also help with your water bill. It is also important to check hoses for fraying and rusting.

  1. To determine you water pressure, a plumber has technical tools and knowledge to assist you. As per the Australian Standard, AS/NXZS 3500.1-2003, our tapware needs to be at 500kPa maximum water supply pressure at any outlet. If your pressure is more, it might cause damage to your kitchen tap, noise vibration and increased wear and tear. Too low of pressure, will result in your water flow being slow and not enough force to do simple tasks.

Our Abey Showrooms have one of the most diverse selections of tapware available on display. Our showrooms also have some working displays to help you with your selection.

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