The Bold Statement of Black Bathrooms

There is nothing quite like a black bathroom for that timeless design appeal. A black bathroom creates a bold moody but dramatic statement. Using Abey’s extensive range of bathroom tapware and fittings, let us take you through how we can help you create the ultimate black bathroom.


Tapware in a black finish sets the scene for a sophisticated look. In Abey’s bathroom collection, our Gessi brand of products showcases just how stunning black tapware can be. With numerous options available in black, black metal and black metal brushed, you can’t go past the beauty of Gessi’s Italian made and designed bathroom collection.

Gessi’s 316 collection is a prime example. The collection features a knurled design in a variety of patterns. The knurled pattern is etched into the tapware to create a stunning bespoke design. The tapware is available in black metal brushed finish. 

Abey’s Gareth Ashton brand collections also consists of black finishes. The Gareth Ashton Vela design’s modern shape and paddle handle in a gorgeous matt black finish.

Showers & Accessories

To match with our black tapware, the GESSI and Gareth Ashton Brands both have a variety of showers and accessories. Each matches perfectly with our tapware options.


To form the centrepiece of your design, a black basin can certainly make a statement. Our Gessi Goccia Washbasin in a smooth black finish (39124) is quite that statement piece with its organic aesthetic. The design replicates the droplet of water and is hand shaped from GRES.

Creating the look

Incorporating into your design black tiles, marble, hardware and wallpaper will complete your overall bold black design. If you’re not convinced by a total black design, then perhaps incorporate gold fittings and fixtures or white and grey tones for a monochrome look.

Abey’s Showrooms are here to assist you with your design. Call in our make and appointment today. See our website for more information.

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