The three best bathroom sinks brands of 2024

Your bathroom sink is the centrepiece of your bathroom and sets the tone for the rest of the space’s design. So it’s always best to choose a basin from a reputable designer that’s known for quality, durability and style. 

To get you started we’ve rounded up the three best bathroom basin brands of 2024. 


In the 1800s and early 1900s the best bathroom designs in the world were coming from Britain, where Victorian and Edwardian styles were favoured. Burlington creates kitchen sinks and fixtures with that same classic style and added modern functionality. 

This is the perfect brand if you’re going for a timeless, heritage style look in your bathroom. Many of their sinks are freestanding, including their Edwardian basin and pedestal – which is perfect for smaller bathrooms and powder rooms. 

If you’ve got a little extra room the 120cm Edwardian basin and stand is a great option, featuring a larger sink and more counter space. This particular sink pairs perfectly with the charming Arcade Classic 3 fold mirror

Gareth Ashton

To create the Gareth Ashton range we drew on thirty years of experience helping people transform their bathrooms with high quality, design-led fixtures and fittings. This entire range is designed for the Australian bathroom, with plenty of style and functionality and affordable prices. 

If you’re renovating a small bathroom on a budget, the Park Avenue wall hung powder room basin is the perfect option – with a stylish design that only protrusion from 265 mm from the wall. Or for something more luxurious and minimalist, go for the Byron Clearstomne glass basin with matching stone waste. This basin’s elegant but minimalist design will suit almost any bathroom. 


Gessi are a family owned company that designs and manufactures premium basins and bathroom fittings in a small town in northern Italy. They manufacture every component that goes into their fittings in house to ensure the highest quality and are known for their Italian design flair. 

Their Goccia counter black washbasins are a great option if you’d like to make a statement with a sink that resembles an art piece or sculpture. And if you’d really like to make an impact, it’s also available in bright copper and platinum. 

For something high design that screams Italian style go for the Gessi basin support with Incisio basin – this statement piece combines basin and support into one seamless, matte black form that’s perfect for minimalist bathrooms. 

See the best brands in person 

It can be hard to choose a bathroom sink brand without seeing them in person. So instead of guessing, visit your nearest Abey Selection Gallery where the best brands are displayed – and there are experts on hand for advice.

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